Gather together on Hillsdale real estate. At Demarest Farm simple moments create priceless family memories. Throughout the seasons this farm, easily found at 244 Wierimus Road, provides an opportunity to unplug for a while. There’s so much to do from  picking fruit, taking a hayride, romping on the playground, and visiting the petting zoo.

Hop on a Hayride and Cruise about Hillsdale Property

Hayrides rumble along the landscape. Customers get in on the action with pick your own programs. When produce is at its prime groups can pick apples and peaches from the trees and pull pumpkins off the vine.

Gates to the orchard usually open sometime in July for peaches. Picking the juicy pieces of fruit is perfect for a great summertime activity with the kids. Apples grow plump on the trees and are ready to be picked at the end of August. School children attending field trips with their classmates learn all about local growing seasons and the farming process. Autumn days are meant for pumpkin picking and September through October groups get in the spirit. Searches on this piece of Hillsdale real estate for just the right pumpkin are extensive. Pick your own admission includes the hayride, petting zoo, picking bag, produce, and playground fun.

After time in the fields friendly animals in the petting zoo beckon. The barnyard is filled with goats, chickens, pigs, sheep and more all waiting for pets and pats. Other favorite animals to meet are the resident cow and llama.

A wonderful farm store overflows with fresh fruits and vegetables on the Hillsdale property. Not only is this a great destination for grocery shopping, ready to go items are available as well. Cider donuts are raved about and fresh baked pies are great for taking back home to gobble up. When the weather warms Jane’s ice cream draws a crowd. From sundaes to scoops it’s a delicious way to cool down.

Stop into Demarest Farms for a wonderful day. Many look forward to visits in the fall when the friendly fields turn into Haunted Orchards!